Sinclair: His Unique Style, Why He Enjoys Making Portraits, & Finding Inspiration From Home

Sinclair, 20, is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. He creates abstract art, I was lucky enough to interview him on what he represents and what he’s trying to convey through his work. He was able to express how he creates purely from emotion, being inspired by his hometown, and spoke on easily making a positive affect on his followers.


When did you realize that you were into art?

I’ve always been very creative at a young age. I think it’s because of my parents, I come from a creative household. When I really started getting into my own style of art, It was really only about two years ago. I’ve been doodling in class—that’s how it all started—from simple doodles from one-line faces, my style has just grown over the years.

Explain your style in three words?

Minimal, Pop, Abstract.

Is there a place you’d love to travel to?

I really wanna go to Paris, it’s where art is.

StRanGe fEeLinG
StRanGe fEeLinG by Sinclair
StRanGe fEeLinG by Sinclair

Can you explain your piece “Nobody”?

So, that was my first painting ever. I just got into painting this winter, I finally got all the supplies for it. I was just feeling like nobody really understood what I was feeling. I feel like a lot people could relate to that; I used to always say “nobody understands”, the canvas understands. The other paintings that I’ve done, the faces are easy to see. This was geometric, and simple. There’s three faces in there with different emotions. I put in different colors of the universe.

You added the elements?

Blue, the sky. Orange and yellow, sun; I was putting different elements. The eyeballs were the sun, if you look you can see rays coming from them. Then the eyelids, they’re really dark blue with white dots which is space and the stars. I added a little tree; from what I painted, it looked like a little window and put a tree there. When I paint, I don’t base it off of sketches. I just come to the canvas and just go.

Nobody By Sinclair
Nobody By Sinclair

A question I always ask artists/photographers is: Do you believe in the term “Artist’s Eye?” If so, what does it mean to you?

I feel like everyone’s creative, but artist do have a different eye for things. I know that because I was in the Chicago Art Institute Museum and I was in the first room with all the impressionist: Monet, Renoir… I was looking at a painting and talking to the lady there. She was a guide and she was showing me things in the painting that were “hidden” but I can see ‘em. The other people in the room drew a crowd and no one else could see them. I felt weird because I was like “how does no one see this?” And she says, “you and me like have the ‘Artist’s Eye’ “, so that’s where I did hear the “Artist’s Eye”, we could see certain things that other people can’t.

Is there a piece that you’re most proud of? Why?

I haven’t tweeted it out yet, the one I’m most proud of is called “Mono”. I painted it when I was really sick; I finished it and I stepped back and was like “wow”, like I didn’t even know I could do that. I can’t describe it I was like surprised to myself that I could make that. I’m excited for everyone to see it, I think its better than “Nobody

I like “Nobody”, so I’m excited to see it!

You’re gonna love with this piece, I swear.

Do you create with your emotions ?

Totally, that is all I create with honestly. My art is pure emotion.

Cyberchase By Sinclair
Cyberchase By Sinclair

I honestly feel that a lot, looking at your stuff.

Thank you, so much. That’s what I do! I create with emotion, and I create for my emotion.

As an artist myself, to me the most agitating thing is being carelessly asked “when are you going to draw me a picture?”. When being asked that, how do you personally feel? 

My commissions are open, it’s $10 a portrait or else I just do it randomly, whenever I have time. I’ll get a lot DMs [Direct Messages], people’s important DMs will just get BURIED because when I say “free portraits”…

It’s a wrap…

Yeah, I feel bad for not answering the DMs, so I say to comment a picture. I don’t hate it at all, I don’t even dislike it. That means people truly enjoy my art and what to be part of it.

Help me change my mind because it literally makes me cringe… Like “MAKE ME A PICTURE!” and I’m just like “No”.

Like well, “do you have money“? That’s the thing about portraits, if it wasn’t for my digital iPhone portraits and someone just asked for it free, I’d be like “this is time and time is money“…

I feel like that’s something people don’t understand, like yeah you’re creative but you actually sit down, think, and you know… do it! I’m not sitting here blinking and it appears on the screen or paper. This is real effort! 

Can you explain your reasons behind the connection of faces, aside of it being considered line work?

One reason I connect faces together is because I believe that we are all connected. We are all human, we are made of the same thing. I try to show that through my art, like no matter who you are I could draw you with lines. I want to show people that I understand what they’re going through, [with] the lines we’re all connected.

same mistakes By Sinclair
Drama By Sinclair
Attractive Abstraction By Sinclair

As before, you stated that you actually enjoy drawing for people. Care to explain more on that?

The portraits that I do for people is just so I can make a difference in someone’s day. A second reason is that I want to connect with my supporters. Third reason, there so many people that post their picture for me. So many races, body types, sexes, species—I draw dogs [laughs]— they can be so many different things, but I just simply turn them into art. Going along the lines of we are all the same, we’re not that different. I make people the same colors, the same lines.

Is there anyone you personally look up to when it comes to your artistry ?

I didn’t start looking up to anyone, even though people compare me to Picasso. I’m just like, “Wow! Thank you!

You don’t mind being compared to Picasso?

At first, I was like “I don’t want to be compared to other artists”, but Picasso is literally—arguably one of the greatest artist of all time. Even Picasso himself said, “…painters should look at the past, take tips from them, and then make it their own”. I’ve been studying Basquiat and his ability to not really care, he just paints really fast. The people I look up to is Picasso, Monet, and Basquiat.

Are you into any music artists? Can you list who?

This band called The Sweets, they only have four songs —I don’t even know if they’re [still] a band anymore—I’ll listen to those four songs while I paint.

Cuco, he’s a Chicago artist too, he’s definitely one of my favorites!

Tame Impala.

What song would you recommend me listen to by Cuco?

Neon baby, its really psychedelic and mellow.

I love Lil Uzi Vert, he’s my favorite rapper—Kanye, Kid Cudi, and Drake is Godly.

My favorite of all time is The Beatles, I think with The Beatles… there has to be something that get’s you into The Beatles.

Do you use where you’re from as a muse for your work?

Yeah! In the city, my next big peace is 60×48— a big canvas—it gonna be called “City Street”, what I see in the city is a huge gap in wealth and there’s so many people in the city. There’s millionaire business men walking down the street, but theres also homeless men that are living on the street. I’m gonna try to portray that gap between all of them because everyone is still human no matter what, we’re still human.

the hippie By Sinclair

What’s your favorite thing about Chicago? 

The Chicago Art Institute! I love it, I swear. I remember the most recent time I went I spent like an hour in the first room. I also love seeing the blend in culture; I could see it in the style and the people— Like what they’re wearing.

If you were forced to eat the same meal for life, what would it be?

My favorite food genre would be Mexican food, it’s just the bomb— like for real.

If you’re not creating, what are you doing ?

My top thing would be just being in nature. Even going on a walk around my neighborhood, a nature trail, or just sitting outside. I love being outside, my favorite thing is looking at the clouds. It’s always different, and I like to study them. Like “how can I paint this?”

I definitely do that too, sometimes I stare at birds and I be like, “Dang”.

I like listening to them; I go on a nature trail and I focus listening to the birds, its like a symphony.

Where can we stay updated on your work?

Primarily on Twitter and Instagram. Im working on a website where I can put my work up for sale, it’s coming soon!


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