#FeelTheField: Hot Oven Cookies

Sharing the cookie love! 

1597 Main St. Springfield, MA 01108

Monday: Closed — Tuesday: 11 am – 6 pm — Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm — Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm  — Friday: 11 am – 6 pm — Saturday: 1 pm- 6 pm — Sunday: Closed


Cozy cookie bakery where you could stop in for a surprising sweet snack. 

Owner of Hot Oven Cookies, Sheila Coon, shares that she started with a cookie cart in 2017, later opening her own shop Fall of 2018. She then explained that the best thing about being a Springfield business owner is being apart of the “Main Street Movement”, she enjoys having a front row seat to the sweet changes happening here in Springfield. 

What is something you want your future customers to known about your business?

Our tagline “sharing the cookie love” is not just about sharing the best cookie. It is about them knowing that it was made by a person that has a heart of service and likes bringing joy to people. That’s pretty much what it is, because everyone needs that kind of comfort. Every day I get to minister to people through the product and with a heart of service. 

Hot Oven Cookies serves fresh cookies daily! With a total of five hundred rotating flavors, they serve four new cookie flavors weekly. Making sure they keep their customers coming into something new every week!

Best selling cookie: Guava Cheese Cake Cookie— as you could see below, her customers play absolutely no games with that guava cheesecake cookie.

Why You Should Go: 

Aside from getting you outside, Hot Oven Cookies bakes fresh cookies made daily PACKED with flavor! It’s right here at home! Meaning, you can save yourself the drive to Amherst [no shade] and just go downtown to enjoy some sweet snacks ! 

PK Exclusive: opening a second shop in Agawam, Hampshire County by the end of 2019! 


The owner, Sheila Coon, was adamant about her quality product of cookies. Sharing how she pays attention to the texture of taste, the layers of flavors and would want her customers to enjoy the experience of her cookies. Her passion for her cookies sets her above other cookie bakeries. She described how she wants her customers to understand that every cookie experience that you have is purposely planned [“Do nothing without intention” thanks, Solange].

Photo of my bagged cookies before losing all self-control

You can go on http://www.hotovencookies.com and find out more information about her business, order some cookies, and stay up to date with the latest flavors !

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