Pu$$y Power.

Happy Women’s’ Month gals and girls! March is the great month for us to celebrate for literally being our magical selves. Oh, wait… you didn’t know that women are magical? Yes, we are. Trust me. It’s a proven fact—every day that we are alive. As women, we hold so much power! Some women don’t recognize it, there are some who abuse it, there is a growing number of those who are aware, and there are who are very much new to it. 

If we weren’t so magical, our opposite counterparts wouldn’t be so adamant about keeping our magic suppressed. they wouldn’t be so dead set on oppressing us through strict laws, with dated scriptures, abuse, and exploitation. It is one of the humans’ many but primal flaws to keep something so majestic contained under the watchful eye. Our foremothers were well aware of that magic— they broke down these oppressive barriers to make history and say, “fuck you, pay me” in various languages.

Don’t believe me? talk to your matriarchal elders.

Women like Nina Simone, Lizzo, and Junglepussy, have used their music to melodically enlighten their audiences’ internal magic up. Women like Indya Moore, Regina King, and Traci Ellis Ross using their talent to captivate their viewers through screens. Countless women, known or not, are cultivating this inner magic to evoke the seeds within our deep minds to recognize our competence in recognizing our divine energy. Various women throughout my life have continuously reminded me that this magic could change lives— even my own. Think about your favorite female artists, that positive charged feeling you get listening or watching their form of art. The message they’re sending to you to embrace, respect and love yourself— all isn’t for “ha-ha’s”. Listening to various female artists, melodically and visually reminding me that I hold something so great and that I must do everything with my whole being to protect, empower, maintain, and embrace it.

“For Colored Girls” The Photography of Haitian Artist Ed Maximus via AFROPUNK

This magic… is not something meant to be contained. Not many can suit it— and only some could only creatively ponder the thought but fully recognize that they’ll never have it within their greedy grasps. This? “What is it?” you ask. Well, you guessed it… it is the pu$$y.

To those reading with a thin layer of intelligence, the pu$$y is a lot more than what you have been conditioned to believe it is. It holds so much power, it has historically caused wars. With the aforementioned pu$$y we can create— so much more than just life. We can manifest with it, we can persuade with it [see, soft power], we can lead, and we can even heal. It has left marks throughout hard-hitting histories… the pu$$y, that is! 

Our female counterparts, I want you to reflect on your pu$$y. I want you to speak to your pu$$y, it damn sure will talk back [shout out to Queen Afua]. The pu$$y you have… holds power— use it. Use that power and produce your magic.

Stop being scared of your pu$$y! There should be no shame in getting to know it! Sit down or lay down— get into some meditation and simply just channel it. Your pu$$y knows and wants what is best for you. Getting to know mine was the best thing I have ever done! Now I want you to do it, live your best and healthy life staying connected. Eat better, drink better, take care of your body for a better relationship with your pu$$y— with a healthier way of life, your pu$$y can easily communicate with you. “Nah sis, he’s giving me dusty vibes, cut him off”, “why is she sending you these off signals? Cut her off”, “I think its best if you go with the flow and stop stressing”, “I like them, they’re so considerate of you— keep them around”. I know you’ve heard “listen to your heart” before, but with familiarity and deep connection, your pu$$y would never lead you astray.

Again, the pu$$y you hold has power. Use it. Happy Women’s Month!

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