Getting “Spring Ready” with NEObyBryson

Amidst the COVID-19 we sincerely hope everyone is doing everything to stay as safe as possible. Although, one silver-lining coming out of this gray time is that springtime has quickly inched its way towards us with puzzled but open arms. While the media is scaring us with constant abrupt news updates on this unstoppable virus, I had the chance to touch base with one of Boston’s talented artists, Bryson Rainey, also known as NEObyBryson. NEObyBryson is something he would describe as his lifestyle. During his college career, he explained how he was deemed a “Neo” expressionist by his head of the art department. 

Explaining more about it being his lifestyle, he thinks it’s important to think of Neo as a way of life, “As we approach new endeavors our lives are Neo. When we capture genuine nature and being its Neo. Being helpful and resourceful is Neo. It’s my Never Ending Odyssey— A calling and gift I’ve been blessed with, a reminder to be myself and not to allow the world to shape me into something I’m not”. Bryson Rainey generously shared with Paper Koi how to bring in the spring with lessons on how to prepare our knits for springtime and spruce up our fashion taste with the budding season. Rainey highlighted the best places to browse (online, of course), how to wear certain pieces, and how to freely express yourself with taste

Despite the chaos outside, clothing businesses are rolling out discounted clothes and we still have errands to run– so why not do it in style? Please enjoy the following commentary from NEObyBryson: 

Spring is approaching! Put away the puffers and leave those timberlands in the back of your closet. It’s time to pull out lightweight jackets and runners. The only boot that’s ok to wear all year round is Dr. Martens. Remember that!

Of course, put your clothes in a closet or simply donate them.
Paper Koi does not encourage littering!

As we approach Spring there are various types of things we can put together as the weather shifts. Two things come to mind when approaching Spring. Brighter palettes and rain attire; Our palette extends from darker hues to lighter and brighter colors. Pinks, purples, yellows, greys, and browns. 

Patone colors in relation to apparel
Patone colors in relation to apparel
Patone colors in relation to apparel

Colors that are neutral but can reflect sunlight while our skin absorbs all of its rays and energy. It’s all about the Essentials!

Note: whether you like it long or short you’ll need a solid raincoat that you can pack just Incase of faulty weather.

Essential garments are go-to items that you can wear with just about anything no matter the occasion.

An essential garment rack used solely for example

If you’re going for a more formal look your clothes should be more fitting, if you want to keep it stylish and cozy go for a more loose look with your palette. A solid pair of trousers, denim jeans, hooded sweatshirt, pullover sweater (hoodie or crew neck), and a light jacket are key pieces. 

Artist Kilo Kish

Shy away from big logos. Graphics are cool here and there but you don’t want to overdo it. Minimalism is key; we don’t want to try too hard. 

Uniqlo storefront

One store I like to hit is Uniqlo. They have a wide variety of essentials from socks to mock necks, and have sale markdowns every week! It’s affordable and the quality is on point. 

Uniqlo and their plethora of colors
Essentials from Uniqlo

I derive a lot of inspiration from other cultures. Growing up I had friends who skateboarded, I loved to draw, be creative and was an athlete. I played basketball and volleyball in high school. All of those activities surfaced in a different mood, different energy which led to a fascination with what I was wearing every day. Did I have practice? Would I be in the art studio? The main idea was to show my peers what I was all about. The best way to do that without talking is putting a focus on what you’re wearing.

Who is NEObyBryson? Where can we find you?



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