Paper Koi Presents: The “BLACK EFFECT” Market

“I’m good on any MLK Boulevard ! WE GOOD!”

– Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Let us begin by stating that blackness will never be a trend. 

We have always flourished under endless adversity, let us evoke our everlasting greatness with merited gratitude. Here on Paper Koi, we bring you The Black Effect Market highlighting the wondrous black businesses we have right here, right next to us.

All businesses will be sorted by categories below: Art, Bath & Body, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Fashion, & More. Feel free to tap & swipe through the presented galleries to get a sense of what every business has to offer. Enjoy & put your money where it counts! Thank you!

creatives, artists, photographers, and more.

Oluwaseyi Thomas

Director of Photography

Orlando, FL | Atlanta, GA | Main Instagram: dp_ot | Wedding Instagram: weddings_ot | Podcast Instagram: otsayslistenup

“My specialty is being a Director of Photography, I work closely with the Director of the film in an effort to bring the Director’s vision to life. The DP is the chief over the camera and light crews working on a film, television production or other live action piece and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image like how the light is shaped, where the camera is placed and how it moves, etc. The types of jobs I work on with my title include, music videos, narrative films, commercials and (wedding videography which is more on the videographer side of things).”

Janasia House

Visual Artist

Springfield, Massachusetts

Facebook: JHouse Art | Phone: 413-386-4350

Being from the greater Springfield area Janasia understands the need for the youth to be exposed to different outlets of expression. She hopes to inspire children to love and respect themselves, as well as each other, through art. As well as a visual artist, she also hosts her own “Puff & Paint” services! Very similar to popular paint and sip gatherings but green friendly. Feel free to book her for your own creative party.

Tyra Dixon

Stylist & Owner of District 3 Studios

Instagram Business Account : @therealdistrict3 & @stylebytyra |
Facebook : Districtthree Atelier

“I am the owner and sole proprietor of my business, called District 3 or  (District 3 Studios) and we are located on 165 Front St, in Chicopee Ma 01013. I have a 1000/sq ft studio space offering services in Photography, Wardrobe Styling/ Personal shopping experiences and I offer monthly and daily studio rentals to clients. District 3 represents art, fashion, and culture amongst the community ,we strive to create a space where creatives and freelance artists work freely and comfortably in our beautiful industrial/rustic space. 
We also focus on working with other women especially WOC highlighting them on all of our social media platforms is important to us.” 


Aviolah Joseph 

New York City (willing to travel if compensated)

“Aviolah Joseph, a young black photographer who resides in New York. With every photo I personally witnessed  individuality, beauty, and some type of solid truth. I was able to get her to talk about her art, her views on music today…” read her Paper Koi interview here.

Instagram: @aviphotog


Sasha M

Western Massachusetts | District 3 Studios

Instagram: @sashaleephotos

“Hi, my name is Sasha. I am the face behind @sashaleephotos! I am a 22-year-old photographer from Western Massachusetts. My main focus is creative portraits, bringing aspects of art into my photography giving them a high fashion magazine feel. My main mission is to build up a creative community in the area and network as much as possible. It also brings me joy when working with new faces making them feel comfortable in front of the camera and making them feel beautiful.”

Visionary Acts

Darrius M. Johnson

The Marketplace 1365 Main StreetSpringfield, MA 01107

Facebook: Visionary Acts |Instagram: @Visionaryacts |Twitter: @Visionaryacts | Youtube: Visionary Acts

LP Creations Photography

Shaunta Swan

Springfield, Massachusetts

Instagram: @Lpcreationsphotography | Studio: Nixon Studio Rentals

“My work is designed to create lasting photographic memories you can share or reflect upon for generations to come. As an African American female I am extremely passionate about my art. Seeing visions through my lens allows me to indulge into the infinite world of creativity, while displaying the utmost beauty of art. Being able to visualize my ideas through my lens allows me experience freedom, while being to see my creations come to fruition. The vivaciousness and the eyes of my models as well as their enthusiasm that I see at Nixon Studio Rentals, is the true reflection. “I am free” .”

Alisha Delissaint

Visual & Digital Artist

Springfield, Massachusetts | Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @ssaint_9

“As an individual I tend to enjoy and feel most comfortable in my head– technically my dreamworld. I like to create with paint, pencil, pens, or right on my computer. I create things myself and others can possibly see themselves in, transcend my emotions into art, and just go crazy, cause I can. Like most artist. It warms me when people actually like my creations, I appreciate it. Like many, I do take commissions. If you need any cool visual art for anything? Hit me & let’s talk. Thank you! Love & Peace.”


Las Vegas, Nevada

Twitter: @esiekyr | Instagram: @rykeise | Website:

“Air Force 1 Connoisseur. i paint from time to time.”

handmade soaps, body butters, candles, and more.

Q’ntessential Soap Co. | Instagram: @qntessential.soapco

Springfield, Massachusetts

Q’ntessential Soap Co. is committed to helping individuals connect with the most perfect version of themselves through healing skin and self. All soaps are 100% natural & our hand poured hidden crystal scented candles come with a beautiful healing stone used to help align your chakras and strengthen the divine being that is you. By practicing self care, maintaining healthy mentality and meditation we can heal ourselves and manifest a Q’ntessential life.  

So Zell Candle Co.

Soleil + Hazell Poulin

Western Massachusetts

Instagram: @sozell_candleco

So Zell Candle Co. was established in 2020, after Soleil and Hazell got wind that their candle burning obsession was polluting their home’s air. This mother-daughter duo is dedicated to creating toxin free candles and products to share with all candle lovers alike. Each candle is carefully crafted from 100% hand-poured organic soy wax, mixed with pure essential oils and phthalate free fragrances. All scents are hand-mixed to perfection, guaranteed to fill your home.

“We take pride in our candles and believe they are so much more than just a scent; they create a vibe to match your mood. Thank you for joining us on this journey! We have so much in store for you!”
♡ Soleil + Hazell

Fray’s Candles

Frayleny Abreu

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Instagram: frayabreu

“Life is all about finding the beauty in even the simplest things. The candles I’ve created have certain elements that can help others escape reality. Aromatherapy is the use of different smells, like some that range from apple pie to paradise at the beach. I feel whenever we pick our candle we are also picking our comfort. It’s really all about learning how to use the elements in nature to create that perfect balance of what we want our candles to become. Thanks to Mama Yara from Passion Tribe Vibes.”


Tyriek Thomas

Springfield, Massachusetts

Instagram: @melaninvibeshaircare | Facebook: Melanin Vibes Hair Care

Melanin Vibes Hair Care was established in early 2019 and inspired by my daughter who suffered from dry skin and hair like myself. My goal and passion is to provide natural hair care and skin care while providing natural safe organic ingredients. All of our ingredients are all natural and non-toxic. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body! All natural and affordable Melanin Vibes Hair Care is here to provide you with an organically delightful experience.”

makeup, hair care, hair stylist, and more.

Novalicious Beauty Bar

Kayla Willis

Western Massachusetts

Instagram: @novaliciousbeautybar

“My name is Kayla Willis, I am the owner of Novalicioius Beauty Bar located in Chicopee MA. Here at Novalicious Beauty Bar, we strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where clients needs are met and expectations are surpassed. “

Loc’d Crown Hair Boutique

Kristol Griffith

Instagram: @locd_crown

143 Main St. Springfield, MA 01105 Suite 215

“What is Loc’d Crown Hair Boutique? It is not only a natural hair salon, it is a place where we learn to reconnect back to our original roots and culture, an awakening to self love, identity, and spirituality. As kings and queens we have the possibility to maintain an endless amount of strength and power through our crown, which is our hair that has its own journey and tells its own story. We live in a world that continuously attempts to condemn and pressures us by making us feel our natural state of being is not ethical for the society we live in, we must continue to be uncompromisable for that it teaches our children we are not our hair and are able to accomplish anything and reach the top of the mountain no matter what our outer appearance may be.” 

Quality By Boss

Zoe Pusey

Springfield, Massachusetts

Instagram: @Quality.byboss | Facebook: Qualitybyboss


Jaelynn Phillips

Western Massachusetts

Instagram: @4ambeauty

“My services include eyelash extensions, acrylic nails, body waxing, and my own cosmetics which I make as well as luxury mink lashes. I’m very passionate about my business and just opened up a salon In Westfield, Massachusetts. I’m hoping to carry my business to other states as well and perfect my craft. Below are some pictures of my work/ products” 

Jinx Minks LLC

Ajeya Clouden

Springfield, Massachusetts | Simply Divine Beauty Lounge 

Instagram: @jinxminksllc | Linktree: JinxMinksLLC

Jinx Minks prides itself on enhancing the natural beauty within every woman in a comfortable and inviting setting. Jinx Minks luxury mink lash line, is an affordable alternative, still offering high-quality product and services.

designers, stylist, clothes, and more.

Nori New York

New York, NY | Washington D.C.

Instagram: @nori.newyork | Twitter: @NewyorkNori

Nori New York is a black-owned luxury streetwear brand that values originality and self expression. Our designs are timeless, ethically sourced, and developed with an immense attention to detail. 

Lavish Culture

Jay Lavish

Western Massachusetts

Instagram: @_lavishculture

“I believe the original culture of the black man was royalty– most of us come from kings, we come from a “lavish culture”. I believe all of the pieces I sell are inspired by my sense of style (high fashion). Lavish Culture is my way of life; my goal is to create a culture of success based on my sense of style and making the rarest clothing available to people with like interests. Continuously reminding people that being fashionable and living lavishly is in our DNA.


D Gordon

Brooklyn, New York


To reinstate originality and the fundamentals of fashion back into women’s clothing.

Highroller Gear

Corey Higgins

Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @highrollergear | Website:


P Dominique

Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @qrafted_ 

“Crafting more than Moments; Memories…”

Upscale Socks

Leonard W Underwood

Western Massachusetts


Upscale Socks was founded in 2016 with a mission to suit as many soles as possible. Our socks are for the entire family; ranging from fun, funny, color, vibrant to traditional, inspirational and abstract. We believe that we provide a style for everyone.

restaurants, delicacies, and more.

Black Bougie Vegan

Kedian Dixon

Springfield, Massachusetts

Instagram: @black.bougie.vegan


Aaron S

Boston, Massachusetts Instagram: @abutterbyaaron

A-Butter offers unique almond butter flavors to local communities with an emphasis on healthy eating in all neighborhoods. A-Butter makes almond butter with natural ingredients and no palm oil.  The four flavors out are Original, Maple, Honey, and Apple Cinnamon, and there will be more coming soon. Purchase your A-Butter or reach out to Aaron Spencer with any questions on the website listed above.

Starr Cuisine

Rhuberlyne T

[Haitian Owned]

Hyattsville, MD

Instagram: @starrcuisine

“Bringing you meals made with love, always.”

Agric Organics Urban Farm 

Hameed & Ayo

Springfield, Massachusetts

Website: | Instagram: @agricorganics |Facebook: Agric Organics

“We wanted to build a farm because we wanted to be a part of the solution after we discovered that Springfield is a food desert and it was challenging for some of the residents to get access to adequate and nutritious food. One of the best things about owning a farm is being able to serve the public. Our farm serves as a community hub and plays an activity role in community development and job production. We believe that eating healthy should be the way of life. Being able to eat healthier means that one can get the adequate and needed nutrients that will be beneficial. Beneficial nutrients inturn lead to less hospital visits and prolonged life. We offer the sale of organic vegetables via our produce boxes, weekly salad mix subscriptions, farmer’s market that can be delivered or picked up from our farm.             

fitness, women’s care, and more.

Pum Pum Powa

Teinya Freedom Cooper 

Studio 235 in West Springfield, Massachusetts
Facebook: Pum Pum Powa
Instagram: @pumpumpowabyfree

Pum Pum Powa was created in 2019 by Teinya Freedom, after having her first child. She later realized she needed holistic wellness to get back to feeling like herself again. Which in fact, helped her realize that many other women and beings all around are also in need of intentional healing. Pum Pum Powa creates holistic self care products and services for the healing and empowerment of the feminine being. Pum Pum Powa offers services such as virtual self care sessions, yoni steaming, and soon to come, yoga. Products range from vaginal steam and herbal bath mixes to sage, incense, affirmation cards, and more! “It is my hope through my business I can show people that healing and empowerment begins with self and that one of the most revolutionary things that we can do is truly, authentically, and deeply care for ourselves.”

Roots Organics 

Amanda Boateng 

New York, New York

Instagram: @rootsorganicss | Website:

Roots Organics aims to heal the mind and body through providing specialized herbal teas, supplements, and organic hair and skin care products. All products created by Roots are crafted from organically certified herbs, roots, flowers, and oils. Roots Organics promotes a cruelty free and sustainable lifestyle by using eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Our goals as a brand is to provide high quality natural products that not only benefit your whole body, but your overall well being.

A.P.E. 413

Jesus Sanchez

Western Massachusetts

Instagram: @a.p.e413 | Facebook: Jesus Sanchez | website:

A.P.E. is the acronym for the core values Achieve, Persevere, and Endure. A.P.E. is not primarily related to workouts…it is a mindset. It something that can be applied to everyday life. Firmly believe we can ACHIEVE any goal if we PERSEVERE through the trials and tribulations set upon us. ENDURING and welcoming challenges until we accomplish our goal. No discrimination is tolerated and everyone is welcomed. A.P.E. will also provide mentorship in the Springfield Public Schools this upcoming year. 

Clocked In Athletics

Tyler Bevan

New Haven, Connecticut

Instagram: @ClockedInAthletics

To optimize athletic performance, build functional strength, and lose body fat. Not only for athletes but for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle as well! Providing exciting exercises with a variety of equipment all over the New Haven county area!

J’Adore Events LLC

Deborha Vital | Johanna Blain | Michael Poindijour | Valerie Desir 

Jenkintown, PA | Instagram@jadoreeventss | Facebook: J’Adore Events LLC

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. 
J’Adore Events was founded in 2017 and is located in Pennsylvania, servicing the tri-state area. With a keen eye to detail and a passion for design, J’Adore provides a full range of services including event planning, consulting, design, as well as vendors that provide entertainment, photography, videography and more! From weddings and corporate events, to graduation celebrations and private parties, J’Adore strives to help you develop a clear vision of what you wish to achieve, and to create and execute a complete solution that brings your vision into reality.

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