It’s Been a Whole Year My N*gga: A Brief Album Review on Aminé’s “Limbo”

“Limbo” Aminé’s second studio album

Each day Rapper, Aminé uses his astounding artistry to deconstruct the insipid depiction of his hometown Portland, Oregon, where black most definitely people exist. He continues to put his city on his back, remarkably after he dropped his second album, Limbo, on August 7th, 2020. As a strong supporter since his first album Good for You and attending his past two concerts, trust me when I say: this nigga is amazing.

Aminé has steadily served his listeners with dope visuals and colorful music. With bars that would make you want to jig or give him a hug, there is no in-between. Listening to Limbo for the first time was a different experience. It was easy to see he was coming from a different place with this project. 

Aminé & VERDY for Collaborative ‘Limbo’ Collection

When he dropped “Shimmy” as his first single, the track was lined with potent braggadocio which was really spirit filling and perfect for a motivational playlist.  “Pressure in My Palms” fits right into this theme as well, with direct and grimy bars from the UK’s Slowthai and Compton’s Vince Staples. We love hard tracks that help you warn your oppositions that you are coming for necks, unveiling the fake all while proudly boasting about true greatness.

Braggadocio– a type of rapping where the MC is “bragging and boasting” and can include subjects such as physicality, fighting ability, financial wealth, sexual prowess, or coolness.

He then dropped “Riri”, my absolute favorite track— not because it’s named after Rihanna though, please tighten those expectations– followed with a collaboration with Young Thug on “Compensating”. Crooning about heartbreak & ongoing relationship hurdles with a dope melody and catchy ab-libs, simply a great formula; “Can’t Decide” falls into this pocket effortlessly. Aminé has an effortless way of getting us into our bags immediately after kicking shit over. 

It was easy to pick up on his delivery of notably nostalgic sounds of earlier hip-hop drums and soulful background vocals. It seems as though Aminé exerted an early Kanye West as an inspiration while maintaining his own identity on his tracks. I would recommend listening to tracks like “Burden”, “My Reality”, and even “Mama” which can possibly take you back. “Easy” featuring Summer Walker reminded me of Wyclef Jean’s popular R&B duets, to be specific, it reminded me of “Two Wrongs” featuring City High. It was nice to hear a rapper touch into that realm correctly, whether he meant to or not. 

I listened to “Becky”— it was overall my least favorite track in the entire album. One nice thing I can say is that I guess I could appreciate him expressing his experience. Moving on! 

Overall, Aminé’s Limbo is a great project which showcases and emphasizes his experience with facing maturity, especially as an Ethiopian black man in America. Tracks that highlighted his growth are “Kobe“, “Fetus” featuring Injury Reserve, “Roots” featuring J.I.D. and Charlie Wilson. Interestingly enough, hearing commentaries about unique standpoints of maturing from himself and his friends on some tracks. I have obviously heard other male rappers tackle growing up and more, but in all honesty, it is a great feeling not having to sit through a black male’s toxic views on women. It is nice to relate to the things he is going or been though without him being loud in misogynoir and justify it. 

There ain’t no money in having hate in yo heart. There ain’t no money in that shit bro. That’s broke nigga shit to have hate in yo heart. I know very untalented niggas with a lot of love in their hearts who are doing great.” — Pressure in my Palms [Track 8]

If you have been supporting Aminé, I think you can appreciate how he is getting better with age. It is great to see him go places many would not go: tackling necessary highs and lows, and talking about true feelings that I’m sure many people could relate to. If you have never heard of Aminé, I think you should listen to this album— you may even appreciate the gems and gain a liking to his work. 

“Limbo” tracklist

My Top Five Tracks (no order): 

1.) Riri

2.) Pressure In My Palms ft. Slowthai & Vince Staples

3.) Easy ft. Summer Walker

4.) Compensating ft. Young Thug

5.) Shimmy 

Honorable Mention: My Reality

Aminé is really good at making music.

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