For Paper Koi Magazine’s Artist 2 Watch, we got a chance to reach out to R&B artist, Malik James, who released his latest single, “Midnight Dream”. Malik James was able to share his experience and inspiration behind his latest single!




Malik James by @visionaryacts_

Single Title Name:


Release Date:

September 29th, 2020

Where are you from? 

Springfield, Massachusetts by way of Brooklyn, New York. 

What was the inspiration behind your single “Midnight Dream”? Can you describe your experience while creating “Midnight Dream”? 

The inspiration for “Midnight Dream” came from me basically being tired of creating the same ole slow R&B ballads, MD was actually written in 2017 to a whole other beat. Over the time I lost the beat but the melodies & lyrics stayed in my head, so I went to the studio around May 2020 & laid the whole song down Acappella. My producer John Dylan, Dilligang & I sat there and created a whole new beat around my vocals right there. The dopest thing I’d ever done with my music. 

What was your favorite memory creating “Midnight Dream”? 

My favorite memory would have to be prepping for the video shoot. My team & I made the costumes. We shot with all the cast members in one night, for 5-6 hours, and everyone’s energy was at 100. Folks were excited to be in the visual & see all that happens behind the scenes. I know it’s something they won’t forget. 

Midnight Dream By Malik James

What are you hoping to channel through your potential new listeners/fans?

What I hope to channel is a new level of confidence in people. I want my music to make you feel good. Make the person that lost you wish they didn’t. 

Pretend you’re a DJ, create a “vibe” including your single with about 3-5 songs.

Koffee – W 

Chris Brown – Confidence

Malik James – Midnight Dream 

Chloe x Halle – Ungodly Hour 

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now 

dvsn – Dangerous City 

If you could choose anyone to remix “Midnight Dream ”, who would you choose?

I would have to go with Chris Brown. For one, he’s been a BIG inspiration to me for the last 10 years. In music, he’s done some out-of-the-box stuff & his sound is so universal that he can literally hop on any track and BODY!

Why should people listen to you?

People should listen to me because I’m passionate about my art. When you hear a Malik James song you’ll hear a story, a concept, or maybe even a relatable situation & it’ll put you a lil at ease to fathom your issue. 

Would You Rather:

Sweet or sour?


 Pineapple on your pizza or sardines?

I’ll say “No thanks” to the pizza, but pineapple.

Have your favorite artist steal a song from you or lip-sync with someone singing for you? 

Both are crazy scenarios, but I’d say steal a song from me because I can get a big ass settlement check when I sue him. 

Would you rather be extra hairy or be really musty?

Extra hairy.

Message to your future supporters:

Never think you need validation from anyone to do anything! Especially when it comes to your craft. Give your energy in the right direction/people & you’ll live stress-free!

Where can we find you?

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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