Brief Album Review: Aminé’s Colorful TWOPOINTFIVE

Fall has finally trickled its way in, after its indecisive choice to stay and be cold. Along with the season change, outside has been sinfully serving us with exceptionally noticeable inflation, a suppler ominous time change, and a lot of our peers on the edge. Various artists have been able to keep us afloat while everything outside seems to get vicious. Portland Rapper, Aminé, dropped his new vivid project, “2POINTFIVE”, on November 4th, 2021. Since his 2017 breakout success with “Caroline”, the clever Portland Rapper hasn’t had a moment of stagnancy when it comes to the creation of his music. This project gave us high-tempo dance tunes, meshed with eccentric lyrics. With every year, comes a new perspective, intention, and delivery. Aminé is sure to push the envelope and “2POINTFIVE” was the perfect example of his ingenuity.


Hearing the first song, “Yipiyay” start off with famous internet personality, Rickey Thompson, was a very good call. Thompson is gifted when it comes to forcing a great time out of us. His videos have a habit of making you laugh along with his wit and direct delivery. Including Rickey Thompson’s narration through the project again made him the right energy to redirect listeners into getting up and still shake the stale energy off. Sitting in darkness all day could be detrimental to our mental health, the world hates you enough. Take a deep breath and be in your body!

TWOPOINTFIVE is fun, colorful, and upbeat. With recent reflection, it is clear his POINTFIVE projects seem to be his creative outlet for him to freely experiment. After multiple album-spins to shake out any biases, and in different mental states (sober vs. high), we were able to create top picks from the project in no particular order. We would always recommend to sit through a project chronologically, but if you’re antsy to know which ones to go through first feel free to go by our top picks down below.

Top Picks from TWOPOINTFIVE:

1.) Sh!t2Luz

2.) Between the Lines

3.) Colors

4.) Yipiyay

5.) Meant2b

6.) Dididumduhduh

7.) Van Gogh

Honorable Mention:



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