Ken Genesis: An Imminent Pop-Star with a Profound Provenance.

Happy New Year everybody! We hope that everybody is okay because covid is outside cuttin’ up! We hate it, we really do! Please get tested! If you’re negative, stay safe! If you’re positive, we hope you feel better! If you’re positive and you’re at the hookah lounge blowing smoke at your [camera] phone… I’m side-eyeing you… you are [part] of the problem.

For tonight’s interview on Paper Koi, I have a very special musical guest with me today. Diving into his catalog, you couldn’t put ’em in a box if you tried. He’s touched Pop, Rock, Rap, and more. Everyone, please welcome Ken Genesis!

Ken Genesis, recently dropped their single, “JEFF HARDY”, on December 24th. A hitting rap track with hard-hitting beats and quick bars reminding us that they are here and for you whack hoes to move out the way. I got to talk more about their artistry and their interesting ability to explore multiple genres so fearlessly. Ken Genesis was able to expand more about their influences, thought to process behind certain projects, and their love for early 2000s pop/pop culture.

“Jeff Hardy” By Ken Genesis

Here is what they had to say about their recent single, “JEFF HARDY”:

Were you into WWE growing up? If so, can you name your top three wrestlers– aside from Jeff Hardy.

Yes, I actually did watch a lot of WWE when I was younger and played videos games with my cousins all the time. If I had to name my top 3 it would have to be Jeff Hardy of course [laughs], Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero

Anyone who is into WWE would know that Jeff Hardy is known for his crazy high stunts, in which he performs during a wrestling match. Was creating “JEFF HARDY” a way for you, yourself, to come out “jumping” as well? in a sense, this song being your dramatic (in the best way possible) reentrance into our playlists?

Most definitely. I wanted to set the tone for what was to come from me in 2022.

What was the creative process behind your latest single, “JEFF HARDY”?

I actually wrote “JEFF HARDY” during the summer around late August. I had gone back to work and my job was actually playing with my money which had stopped me from even celebrating my birthday and recording. I just remember being so aggravated and just venting on these really hard and aggressive beats. There’s actually another song I wrote called, “Kamikaze Ken”, that was supposed to drop at the same time but I never fixed it laughs.

Will “JEFF HARDY” be a part of an upcoming project? or was this a single to remind us to stop playing with you?

JEFF HARDY” is just a regular single to show how my pen and [my] taste for different sounds have grown. I might drop a couple more freestyles I [recently] wrote before I drop my second project Boy Next Door this year which will be more pop-heavy.

You can Follow Ken Genesis on Instagram & Twitter.

Listen to Jeff Hardy, here!

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