Artist 2 Watch: HONCHOBRANDO

Rapper, HONCHOBRANDO, whose music has a valorous way of entertaining the masses recently dropped a new EP titled, “Jelly”. The track that stood out the most, was his latest single, “Cakewalk”, produced by El Blanco Niño. The lilting yet stirring drill beat succeeded at nudging listeners to dust off the gray winter blues and get right for the forthcoming warm weather. We at Paper Koi were excited to talk to him more about his latest single. Enjoy reading HONCHOBRANDO’s “Artist 2 Watch” segment with Paper Koi, following with more information on where you can listen to “Cakewalk” and the EP “JELLY”.

“Cakewalk” Single by HONCHOBRANDO

Single Title Name:


Release Date:

March 4, 2022 on Bandcamp, March 28, 2022 on all platforms

Where you stay at?

I stay in Brooklyn. Home of tha hoodlums!

Who produced the track? (& the rest of the EP)

Tha Only & Only, BX legend, El Blanco Niño

Where can we find “Jelly”?

Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, & Qobuz

“Jelly” EP by HONCHOBRANDO & El Blanco Niño

Why Luther Vandross and not a little Anita [Baker]?

The sample was just talking to me. “A House is Not a Home” is a classic beyond what Ye did. Luther floated in tha beginning but that ending … mannn listen! That’s what got us here now.

What was your experience like making “Cakewalk” with El Blanco Niño? 

Tha man is a wizard. I was playing that Luther record non stop and wondered if there was a drill beat to it. So I asked bro if he could make that beat that we all hear now and he did just that. Like he took tha exact beat pattern and everything I heard in my head before it even happened and did it. Fucking wizard!

Pretend you are a DJ, what 3-5 tracks are you mixing “Cakewalk” with?

Great question: GATTI by Pop smoke, New Apolo by Smoove L, My Everything by B-Lovee, We Go Up by Nicki & Fivio

Why the title “Cakewalk”? Is this rap sh*t that effortless to you? (or did you mean it as in the actual dance style 🤭)

Damn near effortless. But I make songs for all to relate to. We all got shit that’s a cakewalk for us. Be fire if I had a dance to it but I don’t know what I’m doing.

Quick PK History Lesson: Originally an African-American form of dance and music that developed after the Civil War, later popularized by minstrel shows. The term “Cakewalk” today is currently formed into an idiom for when something is referred to as a cakewalk, it is something that is easy. Often refers to an easy victory. 

We at PK love “Cakewalk”, we also love “I Write Sins and Tragedies”. Can you share a bit about your inspiration/experience behind it? (It was lowkey giving suspenseful anime soundtrack)

Long story short, I was feeling myself after making a few expensive purchases so I talked my talk over an ocean’s 12 sample Blanco had made in the first part, “sins”. Second half was just a Willie Hutch sample Blanco and I were going over. Eventually I told him to loop it so I could do my thing. The loop felt dark. So I got dark, “tragedies”.

Do you have anything to say to your new listeners and supporters?

Y’all mean tha world to me. Def doing all I can to continue putting out content for tha public. Appreciate all those apart of this journey & tha best is yet to come. Much love fr!

Would you rather (We like to ask would you rather to gauge wether or not if you have a soul or not haha):

Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day of your life or lick jelly off of a cactus every Tuesday at 3pm?

PB&J for life!

Eat banana flavored laffy taffy or eat cherry flavored multivitamins?

Cherry flavored multivitamins

Unwatch your favorite anime or constantly see spoilers of your favorite show before getting to watch it?

Spoilers don’t do much for me. Gotta see the whole thing so I’ll do spoilers.

Be smart but a total jerk or really sweet but dumb?

Be smart but a total jerk

Have an exciting but dangerous life or a boring but meaningful life?

Exciting but dangerous life

You can find HONCHOBRANDO’s Jelly EP Here.

You can also follow HONCHOBRANDO on Instagram & Twitter.

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