Alzena: Harmoniously cultivating a flowing safe place.

Alzena (They/Them); (Photo taken by @digitaldyad)

Hi Paper Koi, Happy New Year! It’s been a while! Thank you so much for your patience & thank you so much for your grace. I feel the love and its definitely mutual. 2022 was something, okay? I’m excited because I’m here with someone– it’s been a year– and this person has been impactful in a way. It doesn’t have to be [sound] so dramatic, but it has!

A I’m really honored and i’m happy to be speaking, here at this time. we’ve been through a lot, yeah, and we’re still here and we’re making it happen.

Let me introduce this amazing being! Today i’ll be interviewing an adroit and benevolent– heavy on that word, okay– individual I had the pleasure of being around. By the name of, Alzena.


A What’s up Paper Koi !?

Alzena is a Music Producer, Songwriter, and the founder of “Presence”.

A We should talk about Presence. There’s gonna be Presence, January 22nd, on the Lunar New Year! What is it about presence that brings you back?

Really? you wanna know?

A– Yeah!

…What brings me back is the magnetism. It’s just that knowing I could go somewhere and just be in a safe place. Just be around the strong energy of music. Being around people expressing themselves and letting it [all] go.

A- Yeah, Because collectively we get to let go.

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