Z.A.M. : Getting Into Female Rap’s New Power Trio

With Paper Koi Magazine newly delivering visual interviews with upcoming creatives, Interviewer and Writer, G-Mentality, queried the fresh and colorful rap trio: Z.A.M. including Rasti, Goldi, and Mika sharing their scope on their craft and their ideas touching the music industry, and more! They shared their own detailed experience of making music, taking risks, and hopes on their journey within female rap. Continue reading Z.A.M. : Getting Into Female Rap’s New Power Trio

It’s Been a Whole Year My N*gga: A Brief Album Review on Aminé’s “Limbo”

Each day Rapper, Aminé uses his astounding artistry to deconstruct the insipid depiction of his hometown Portland, Oregon, where black most definitely people exist. He continues to put his city on his back, remarkably after he dropped his second album, Limbo, on August 7th, 2020. As a strong supporter since his first album Good for You and attending his past two concerts, trust me when … Continue reading It’s Been a Whole Year My N*gga: A Brief Album Review on Aminé’s “Limbo”

Getting “Spring Ready” with NEObyBryson

Amidst the COVID-19 we sincerely hope everyone is doing everything to stay as safe as possible. Although, one silver-lining coming out of this gray time is that springtime has quickly inched its way towards us with puzzled but open arms. While the media is scaring us with constant abrupt news updates on this unstoppable virus, I had the chance to touch base with one of Boston’s talented artists, Bryson Rainey, also known as NEObyBryson. Continue reading Getting “Spring Ready” with NEObyBryson


Welcome to Paper Koi’s new music segment, “Artist 2 Watch”, which presents the work of fresh and vivid artists. Enjoy our concise article surrounding the artist and their new song. We got a chance to reach out to the artist, Kendell, who released his song, “Dance With the Devil”. Kendell was able to share his experience and inspiration behind his latest single! Enjoy!  ARTIST 2 … Continue reading ARTIST 2 WATCH: KENDELL