#FeeltheField : Ciro’s “A Tradition” Restaurant

Ciro’s Restaurant [taken by Don Treeger]
904 Main Street ; South End of Springfield a couple doors from MGM Springfield

Sundays : Closed MondaysThursdays: 4pm -11pm FridaysSaturdays: 4pm – 12am


a modernized Italian restaurant where it can be upscale enough for a nice evening date and casual enough for a bright meal with the homies.

 I swear I do step out of my house enough to know a nice place when I see one, but this restaurant caught me off guard. I mean that in the most positive way possible; I rechecked my location to see if I had teleported to a bigger city.

They have two nice bars, one where they serve actual drinks and another one overlooking the kitchen where you’ll see fiery professionals at work. 


The personal pizzas are a fave– packed with so much flavor and authentic olive oil to keep your inner Italian-food-lover self happy– which coms with a beer for $12. With every bite, it was clear they were adamant about using  fresh vegetables! Along with the deal on pizzas, it is also a beautiful restaurant with a brightly lit outside patio [at night time it is absolutely breathtaking, perfect for an instagram post]. It makes you really appreciate a nice Italian spot right here in your own home in  Springfield. 

Why wouldn’t you want to step into fresh atmosphere for a little bit?

Ciro’s is the perfect place to go for a nice pre-turn up, big or small. You definitely want to a place serving good food and drinks right before heading out– especially since it closes so late! You could get yourself a nice glass of wine and get some dope pictures in before letting loose at what ever function you’re heading to. 

They have specials where you can get a personal pizza with a beer for $12! I genuinely am not a beer drinker, but if you certainly are then go the hell off! I cannot stress enough how good the pizza is, I would never lie to the Paper Koi readers! Just please go!


They have a great menu, but the food is meant for grown tastebuds only; If you are the “chicken fingers and fries at every restaurant”  type, save everyone’s time and stick to the great personal pizzas. It’s also a great spot for a date— specifically on Saturdays when they bring in their accordion player– really romantic. 

Above are the appetizers we got to try! I couldn’t eat too much of it because cheese and I aren’t speaking… for life. My eyes sure enjoyed staring though!  

If you decide to go to Ciro’s soon, ask for Anthony and he’ll be sure to make sure you enjoy your experience! Tell him you came down after reading this & he’ll make sure you leave with a nice smile on your face! 😉 

Long Story Short: the personal pizzas are fye as hell, just go and tell me how right I am. For a quick drinking game, take a shot for every time I mentioned the pizza!


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